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Scottsdale, AZ

Our Role: Keith Zollman the owner of Scottsdale Design Build provided the architecture, and construction administration services for this project. 

Perched on a hillside in north Scottsdale, this 9,000 SF modern, light-filled home is a desert gem. Carefully designed to merge the rugged landscape with the refinement of the clients' lifestyle, the house will be full of life, beauty, and joy. A central art gallery links every room, and underneath it runs a central spine containing all the utilities of the structure. By keeping the main utilities underground, the lower ambient temperatures make the air conditioning system more efficient and allows for a thinner, more delicate roof plane. The house enjoys 360-degree views, and the ample glazing shaded by broad roof overhangs allows the division between indoors and out to dissolve away for truly luxurious desert living.

The design and layout of this house is all about its connection to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Upon arrival, a short stair raises the eye to the front door, through the interior, across the pool, and straight out to the picturesque McDowell Mountains beyond. Arranged off a central gallery, every room enjoys a view. The flooring continues through to the exterior terraces which enhances the connection to nature and extends the living space outside. Broad overhangs provide ample shade, creating a the sense of calm and shelter in the upper desert.

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