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As a design/build firm, Scottsdale Design Build specializes in both exquisite architectural design and meticulous construction that elevates the character of the places in which we work, play, and call home.​ We believe you should love the space you're in!



We meet you. We listen. We learn. As designers, we are thinkers: it is essential for us to know as much as possible, so share your dream with us. Before any structure is created, a relationship must be built. From there, an idea is conceived.




If possible, it is extremely beneficial for us to visit the property (ideally before it's purchased) before pen is put to paper. This is the literal ground where the idea will be planted. The value of understanding the location, the surroundings, and the feel of the environment is paramount to understanding the place-making. We need to meet the place where Earth meets Sky, where this dream will grow.




This is the time to test ideas, even something so crazy it might just work. We evaluate, then refine and develop these ideas. At Scottsdale Design Build, we prize beauty, logic, order, value, excellence. The systematic structural logic of building, juxtaposed against the organic logic of nature, enhances the beauty of both over and above the individual components. It is straight and curved, night and day, but together a beautiful whole.

Cohesion If dreams are to be reality, the nebulous must become tangible: it requires us to engender an understanding and clarity of purpose to communicate design intent. As such, we emphasize detail, legibility, and foresight in our construction documents. We enjoy broad experience in a variety of construction materials and techniques, which gives us the ability to try new solutions or to capitalize on modular systems. Tight integration with consultants and contractors at the earliest feasible moment ensures the highest quality realization of your dream.




Construction is the critical moment where Scottsdale Design Build's stewardship is most valuable: our holistic understanding of your dream enables us to guide the builders. We check the progress, test suggestions, and provide additional clarification for any questions that may arise. We welcome ideas and contributions from all sources to further the pursuit of excellence. It is the brightest moment in the course of building when the tradesman is inspired to apply his finest work; we encourage such participation at all points. As the figurative idea grows out of the ground, so too does the building. Care must be taken during this growth so that it is strong and good, and so that in its maturity, its fruits may be enjoyed, together.

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